Company Overview

Western Resources Corp. is publicly listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol ‘WRX’. It is also traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol of ‘WR0’.

Western Resources Corp. was created for the purpose of diversifying the company assets through a Plan of Arrangement with Western Potash Corp., the latter focused on developing a Potash Project named ‘Milestone’ near Regina, Saskatchewan. With the corporate reorganization completed in March 2017, Western Potash corp. has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Resources Corp.

Milestone continues to remain the key asset of Western Resources Corp. The Phase I Project (the “Project”) is designed to produce 146,000 tonnes of potash per annum using innovative selective solution mining techniques and crystallization ponds. The construction of the Project started in June 2019 and completed with dry commissioning by November 2023. As the Project moves into startup soon, it is expected to be Canada’s newest and most innovative, environmental-friendly and capital-efficient potash mine that will bring significant changes to potash mining in Canada and the world.